Founders Insurance Company

Founders Insurance Company

Are you running a special event soon, or do you operate a business with a liquor license? If so, you need to take steps to protect yourself in case of an injury or property damage at your event or establishment.

For affordable specialized coverage, you can turn to Founders Insurance Company. In this post, we are going to introduce you to this company and its policies for event venues and operators. But first, let’s briefly explain why it is so important to get this type of insurance.

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Why Do You Need Liquor Liability and Special Events Insurance?

A lot can go wrong at a venue, especially when alcohol is involved. Sound judgment is impaired, and customers or guests can behave carelessly. Imagine if any of the following happened under your watch:

  • A drunk patron trips another customer, who falls and gets injured.
  • A drunk reveler at a party punches someone else attending the event.
  • Someone who drank during your event hits another car in the parking lot while backing out.
  • An inebriated individual spills their drink, staining another guest’s expensive designer suit.

There are all situations where a liquor liability and special events policy might be able to help offset medical costs, legal costs, or property repair or replacement costs.

Founders Insurance Company History        

Founders Insurance Company
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Now that you know why you need this type of insurance, let’s introduce Founders Insurance Company.

This company has been around since 1901, and has its headquarters in Chicago. It serves customers in 22 states.

While Founders Insurance Company offers personal auto, homeowners, renters and commercial auto policies, it also specializes in niche products such as liquor liability and special events insurance.

Liquor Liability and Special Events Policy

Explaining why business owners should trust Founders Insurance Company with their liquor liability policy needs, the company writes, “Founders has long been considered one of the leading Hospitality Industry Insurers. Over 50 years of experience in Liquor Liability and Special Events makes us the natural preference … Insuring Chicago dance halls in the early 1960’s, Founders used an application asking how frequently the orchestra played!”

The company adds, “Five decades of experience allows for flexibility in risk acceptance, too. Late closings, prior claims, new ventures, live entertainment or special events aren’t a problem for Founders.”

In short, you can expect a completely personalized approach from Founders. Regardless of the details of your venue(s) and event schedules, this company is willing to work with you.

Founders breaks down its liquor liability and special events insurance into two main products:

  • Founders’ Liquor Liability Market Direction: This is what you are looking for if you operate a business that has a liquor license full-time. Some examples include bars, nightclubs, taverns, clubs, restaurants, hotels and motels, catering companies, pool halls, bowling alleys, sports venues and so forth.
  • Founders’ Special Events Appetite: Are you running an event that will last anywhere from 1-5 days, and which will be attended by no more than 5,000 event-goers? If so, you can get this type of coverage. Examples of types of events you can get this type of insurance for include wedding receptions, farmers’ markets, fairs, fundraisers, beer gardens, parties and more.

If you do not see the type of business or event you run listed on the Founders website, we recommend contacting the company for a quote. They are very flexible, and will most likely be able to work with you. In fact, their willingness to adapt to the needs of their customers is one of the top reasons we give them such a high recommendation.

Get Liquor Liability and Special Events Insurance

Now you know how you can protect your catering business, bar or tavern, restaurant, or other business with liquor liability and special events coverage from Founders Insurance Company. To get liquor liability insurance for events now, click the link below.